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 Raid Rules

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MensajeTema: Raid Rules   Raid Rules I_icon_minitimeMar Jul 05, 2016 8:51 pm

Important: to join our guild you must agree to these rules.

1. You have to know the mechanics of the bosses beforehand: the raid leader will only explain the strategy to follow, not the essential boss mechanics. If you don't know what you should to do, thou shall not come raiding.

2. Absolute knowledge of your class: that means knowing which are your deffensive CDs, single target and AoE builds and rotations and all that jazz. You should be able to adapt to the encounter.

3. You should have a certain minimum of DPS or HPS, the officers will decide if you have this minimum.

4. Your item level will have to be enough to be comfortable in the difficulty of the raid.

5. All your gear should be gemmed and enchanted.

6. You have to bring your own potions and flasks to the raid.

7. You have to use pre-pots when pulling and during the boss.

8. Food is required during the raid, you should bring your personal food in case there are no feasts available.

9. Punctuality and compromise with your Main character. You should attend all days scheduled for raiding. If you can't come for some reason, then you should warn the raid leader or a guild officer beforehand so that they have time to adapt.

10. Required use of vantus runes at the encounter announced by the officers.

11. You have to install BigWigs/DeadlyBossMods AND Exorsus raid tools to make your life and everyone else's a bit easier.

12. Download TS3 and pay attention to the instructions during the encounter.

Loot rules are in the other topic
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Raid Rules
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